“Enhancing Health for Every Body”

Marie’s Passion is in working with individuals to remove blocked energy with the intention to bring balance and harmony within.


Rite –Way Health and Sacred Settings is a place of connection to All That IS within you.  A place where inherent Rites are realized and used to create your dream life, your dream health and your dream purpose.

To choose to be unlimited in every aspect is only one piece of the puzzle in putting the picture of your life together into a whole and functioning reality.

Finding and dialing into that Sacred Settingwithin, where your potential resides is like finding that clear channel – no static – on the radios frequency dial.  This is where unlimited potential awaits your particular connection.

Rite-Way Health was established to bridge chaos into peace and provide freedom from the traps of everyday society.

Rite-Way Health facilitates your journey over this bridge and into self-realization and the magic that occurs after.

Rite-Way Health operates from the premise that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience,” BUSTING through the myth that We are Human Beings having a Spiritual experience.’ Only then can real transformation take place.

Childhood experiences are the first lessons used to form our inner opinions of who we are and how we need to behave in order to interact with our environment.  These experiences can work for or against a healthy self-concept, self-worth and self-love.  These experiences also become a point of reference for future life experiences.

Rite-Way Health helps you to dial in and stay tuned to your personal sacred setting, so you can live authentically in all aspects of your lifes journey.

Marie is a Transformational Coach, Teacher, Energy Worker and Mentor, Body Worker, Nutritional Consultant, Spiritual Guide and aspiring writer.

Her lifes journey started as a shy child learning to fit into a world that requires interaction.  She had to learn to overcome many fears.  Maries journey has been her greatest teacher of important and profound life lessons.

It became very clear to Marie at an early age that, when it came to health, common ailments were not a product of aging like Conventional Medicine would have one believe;  rather, they were warning signs of deeper problems within the body. 

Marie also realized how personal power allows us to be our own healer and how the Body-Mind Connection is crucial to achieving Total Wellness.  Marie has achieved this for herself and  that fuels her passion to facilitate this transformation for others. 

Enhancing her clients knowledge, skills and well-being are critical steps in their transformation.

Marie guides her clients in honouring their life, their story and their journey.  She assists in moving them from a place of discomfort and distress into a state of comfort and ease.

Marie has been through some tough life lessons that have taught her to Trust more, Love more and Fear less.  She learned to love herself first in spite of any perceived threat, and that living from the inside-out and not the other way around, is when the Magic happens.

She learned how notto fall into the trap of limited possibilities and is a proponent of where there is a will there is a way,’there is no such thing as can’t’ and having a doing-whatever- it-takesattitude, gives power in staying true to oneself and focused on ones dreams and desires.

It took work to BUST her own deep rooted beliefs and self-imposed limitations.  It took faith and patience and learning that self-love brings us to our true self our authentic self.

Do you have the courage to be true to yourself against all odds?


Do you find it easier to be a follower and put your needs and desires on the back-burner, and coast through life always wishing for your turn?

Marie can help you become clear on your intent and show you how the energy you put out creates your reality.  She can work with you to transform your reality.

Following the Rite-Wayto health and finding your personal Sacred Settingare methods of learning to live from the within and the deep connections to self and living authentically in body, mind and soul.  Marie helps you dial in to your sacred setting within where your transformation awaits your consciousness.  Your new sense of self and the inner power you possess will give new value and meaning in fulfilling your lifes journey and purpose.

Maries other passion is exploring and sharing Sacred Settings around the world.

As well, Marie finds fulfillment in helping First Responders to better health and well-being.  It is her desire to support these Angels of God on Earthto be the strongest they can be in carrying out the lifesaving procedures and actions demanded on a daily basis.  The demands of their jobs can wear them thin, and will take its toll without the proper tools. 


Please fill in the form to contact Marie. If you live locally you are welcome to call 250-212-2431.

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