“Enhancing Health for Every Body”

Marie’s Passion is in working with individuals to remove blocked energy with the intention to bring balance and harmony within.

Her journey started out by helping her daughter heal her psoriasis and in the process became her vehicle to heal the ailments that were plaguing Marie’s own body.

These included hormonal imbalance, heartburn and indigestion, painful menstrual periods, sluggishness, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritic pain in her hands, candida issues, chronic neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, thyroid issues, fear of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes (all of which are in her family history), and the stress and unhappiness of being in a job that was not her ultimate passion nor life purpose. So needless to say the journey began…

Marie now teaches in the Continuing Education Realm.  These courses range from : ‘Colours Role in Health’ to ‘What are Meridians and How do They Relate to Health’, ‘Acupressure for Health and Wellness’, ‘Nutrition for Maximum Health’. She is also a Certified Reflexology Teacher with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). Marie believes we are all our own healers and the mind/body connection is a large part of achieving total health. She has achieved this for herself over the past 16 years.

Her goal is to enhance her client’s knowledge, skills and well being during their personalized sessions; whether it be through Reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki, Kinesiology, health coaching and/or massage. This usually entails a combination of working with the physical body both with hands on work and supporting the work with herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes that will encourage and maintain health.

Marie Sperling is a Health Coach, Reiki Master, Reflexology Therapist, Home Economist and specializes in Human Nutrition and Human Development. Marie isn’t entirely about work, work, work. If you happen to miss her in her beautiful hometown of Kelowna, BC you may be able to catch up with her in one of her globetrotting adventures or maybe even call on her for one of her favourite recipes.

She guides her clients in honouring their life, their story, and their journey. She assists in moving them from a place of discomfort and distress into a state of comfort and ease of life. She has been enhancing her client’s awareness of their bodies since 1999.

Please fill in the form to contact Marie. If you live locally you are welcome to call 250-212-2431.

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