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Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure Massage)

A therapeutic full body massage similar in nature to Thai Massage, where the practitioner and client work together through breath and movements of the body and joints to bring about balance and harmony within the body. Tension is released and aches and pains are released through this work. Shiatsu works with the meridian pathways and acupuncture points.


Following the same principles and theories as Shiatsu, where there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every part, gland, organ and body system. Through manipulation and pressure on these reflexes harmony and balance are restored within the body.

Other Therapies

These following therapies are further integrated into the services that Marie offers at Rite-Way Health:  Reiki (a form of hands on healing), Kinesiology (muscle testing), CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment), Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage.

Marie believes in supporting the body on every level to bring about maximum support (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual).  Marie encourages the use of color, scents – essential oils, food, herbs, music, positive thought etc. to support the body in its journey to health and healing.  The sky is the limit if the client is willing.