Peruvian Jewelry

Peruvian Jewelry
(Life-Support Jewelry )

Highest quality silver – 950ct. and workmanship inlaid with the Sacred Spondylus Shell of Peru and Ecuador.

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It is a shell that has been important to the Andean People since Pre-Columbian times, serving as offerings to Pachamama (Mother Earth) as well as some form of currency.

It supports the body by providing  a state of inner peace in all we have created.

The various designs are of spiritual significance pertaining to the power animals of the country, sacred geometry and with historical significance.

This jewellery is made of the highest quality workmanship in the region for your personal enjoyment.

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Sacred Heart Flame Vibrational Spray

Sacred Heart Flame Vibrational Sprays support the body in multiple ways. It is of a Very High frequency that will support all levels of growth and development; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual advancement and progress.

Through the infused properties of Love, Light, Color, Sound, Sacred Geometry, Gem Stones, flower essences, aroma, and prayer you will experience the release of heavy, crippling energies that hold you back. Use freely or as deemed necessary to support yourself in moving forward along your journey, leaving you feeling lighter, happier, freer and at peace with your self and your surroundings.

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60ml for $25.00

Essential Oils

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