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Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

Marie Helped Me Save My Life.

Rite-Way Health or should I say Marie Sperling, has been an immense help in my achieving a successful recovery from an injury.

I had an unfortunate head injury that caused all sorts of havoc with my everyday life and regular functionality. I have always been 10 feet off the ground and go 100 miles an hour. With a busy job, as well as two pre-teens, life did not allow for any sort of slow down. And I loved it. Then one day my world was totally derailed. I got a hit to the head and not only sustained a concussion I also had problems with my neck and my ear wigged out on me as well. I couldn’t equalize the constant pressure I felt in my head. I then suffered posttraumatic syndrome, which they tell me is quite common, and my stress and anxiety levels went through the ceiling. I remember saying that I felt vibrations in my leg like I had a phone in my pocket going off and then it felt like a current going through my feet. The neurologist wanted to put me on antidepressants, which I refused, and most of the other so called specialists had no idea how to help me. Over time many things settled down and adjusted back to “normal” or should I say “my normal”.

Although Marie lived in my neighborhood and we had golfed several years ago it was a good friend that suggested that I go see her. I was told that she would be very good at releasing the tension I was feeling in my neck and back and help to get rid of the headaches. What I didn’t count on was the great knowledge and support that she gave. She had such a wealth of knowledge for the human body as well as the supplements that our bodies needed on a regular basis to help heal itself. Not only did she help in this area she was also able to help me realize a better way of looking at the journey my life was going on. I rebelled so much in the beginning when I was first hurt because I wanted and expected my body to go back to the way it was, but Marie made me realize that things were always changing in everyone’s lives and that they may never be the “same” but that didn’t mean they weren’t “better”. She helped me to stop over analyzing “why” things were what they were, but to just stay positive and stop worrying about all the details that can drive you crazy.

I definitely have gotten better over the last 3 years. I have changed a few habits and am living a healthier life taking care of my body and well-being. I have had some minor set backs in this journey but they are so much easier to go through now and I understand that they are not permanent and I do not struggle with them like I did before. Marie has been fantastic and out of all the different medical industry experts, hers has been the most supportive in every aspect.

Thank you so much ☺


I’m a New Person

“Since I have been working with Marie for Health Coaching and Bodywork I am a new person. I have to say that without her guidance and loving touch I probably would not be walking as well as I am today. Her professional guidance has strengthened my personal outlook on how I handle stress in my life. Her care has seen me through several personal traumas during this time.
She is ‘My Angel’. What more can I say.”


You Don’t Know What You Are Missing!

“I first went to see Marie Sperling at Rite-Way Health for a relaxing massage and got the most relaxing massage I have ever experienced. Marie has taught me to listen to what my body tells me and I now consciously make lifestyle decisions that support my overall health and well-being of which perspective on life, diet and exercise are a part of. Until you have experienced Marie’s touch and support you will not know what you are missing!”


Marie Sperling! My favorite Health Coach!

Marie has the caring wisdom and knowledge to help people on their healing pathway!
I have enjoyed Marie Sperling’s support in guiding me with my health issues for the past 7 years.
She has helped me with nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques, alternative therapies, natural herbs, vitamins, affirmations, psychological techniques and uplifting books to read.

I love how Marie always inspires me to do my best! She keeps me focused on my goals to live my life to the fullest!
I wouldn’t be able to handle my illness with such a positive attitude, without her specialty skills and kindness.
I highly recommend, Marie.

I am truly thankful that she is my personal Health Coach!


Changed My Life!

Over the past several years Marie has gone above and beyond to help me with my health and life issues. Her professional attitude and wealth of knowledge is admirable. I noticed immediate improvement after a session and upon following the program she gave me to follow. She has a preventative and regenerative approach to well-being. This is exemplified by her encouragement of a healthy lifestyle which is a multifaceted approach. I owe a lot to Marie for showing me a better way to live my life.